Specialty Forging, Machining, Finishing and Assembly
for Aerospace and Medical Applications

Specialty Forging for Aerospace
and Medical Applications

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FPD Forging

Titanium Experts

A variety of forging technologies are offered by FPD to meet the specific requirements of our aerospace and medical customers. We specialize in producing precision net shaped, near net shaped and conventional closed die titanium forgings. We utilize 2,500 and 500 ton hydraulic presses to form titanium aero structure forgings for commercial and military aerospace customers. Our 500 ton hydraulic and 250 ton mechanical presses are used to produce titanium hip, knee and bone fixation devices for the medical industry.

Many titanium grades are forged at FPD including:
  • Ti 6-4
  • Ti 6-4 Eli
  • Ti 6-6-2
  • Ti 10-2-3
  • Ti 15-3-3-3
  • Ti 5-5-5-3

We use electric atmosphere and vacuum furnaces to post forge heat treat our forgings to the following conditions: anneal, beta anneal, stress relieve, solution treat, age and overage. Unprecedented lead times are achieved by designing and manufacturing our forge tooling in-house. FPD’s knowledge of advanced machining principles is evident in our extensive use of hard milling of forge tooling; EDM, conventional CNC milling and turning are also used in the fabrication of forge tooling.

Modernization and Upgrade of Forge Shop

FPD Completes the Modernization and Upgrade of Forge Shop — FPD recently completed the rebuild of the mechanical systems on our 2,500 and 500 ton hydraulic presses. Our forge electric furnaces and solution treat furnaces were replaced with high efficient, high capacity Electotherm units increasing our throughput by over 50% on large forgings. As part of our continuous improvement strategy, we relocated every piece of support equipment in the forge shop to optimize work flow and reduce press setup times.

ISO 9001/AS9100

FPD Company 124 Hidden Valley Road McMurray, PA 15317, USA Phone: 724-941-5540